is money everything

Exploring the Question: Is Money Everything in Life?

is money everything

When you think about what’s important in life, what comes to mind? For many people, the answer is money. But is money everything?

This may be a difficult thing to accept, especially if you are someone who is always chasing after the almighty dollar. 

There are many other things in life that are important, and you should never forget that.

 In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of other life factors and why they are so important.

 Quotes: Money Makes the World Go Around People often say that “ money is not everything but everything is money .”

If you ask someone who has a lot of money, (Is money everything?) they’ll probably say yes. But if you ask someone who doesn’t have too much money, they’ll probably say no.

So, what’s really important? From my perspective, there are a few things that are more important than money.

Things like meaningful relationships, a healthy life and happiness rank higher on my list than financial stability.

Can you have absolutely no money and still be this happy? Or even worse, you do have all the money, yet, are you this happy? What good is money going to do, if you’re not at all happy?

What does money is not everything mean? This maxim suggests that no matter how much money you have in your bank account, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lead a happy and fulfilling life. 

As you will see from our post, money can’t buy you love, friends, or health. In other words, money doesn’t define you. It’s simply one of the means to reach financial security.

is money everything

What about you?

Without a doubt, for many money is everything nowadays. 

We can claim that money controls the world. 

Sad but true. If you take a look into what we all do for money. 

We go to work, most people wake up early in the morning or stay up late at night, spend minimal time with family and have to smile in the boss’s face all for that paycheck at the end of the month. 

Then, depending on how much your paycheck is, you get to do whatever it is you wanted.

We should remember in choosing our style that it comes with a price tag. 

Evidence of the psychological and spiritual poverty of the rich and famous fills our newspapers, magazines, tabloids, and television programs and hardly needs repeating here. 

“We always think if we just had a little bit more money, we’d be happier,” says Catherine Sanderson, a psychology professor at Amherst College, “but when we get there, we’re not.” 

“Once you get basic human needs met, a lot more money doesn’t make a lot more happiness,” notes Dan Gilbert, a psychology professor at Harvard.

Is Money Everything? No, money is not everything

Just because you have a lot of money doesn’t mean that your life will be perfect.

There are many people with all sorts of different backgrounds who live very wealthy lifestyles but still feel empty inside. Which tells me there’s more than just material things at play here.

What is important in life?

The more money you made would not make you that much happier. 

As you work for money, do remember that often we have to work longer hours. 

True happiness does not come from sitting in an office all day and night working away to obtain more money

As we gather even more money, it cannot provide the additional dopamine we need. 

Something that would bring us more happiness is freedom. 

Freedom from the constraints of money is our goal to live life. 

Money isn’t everything, but freedom is everything.

We all want to live our lives with meaning and find what makes us happy.

For some this may be material items, for others its spiritual connections or time spent doing something they love.

But whatever the case life’s pursuit should not become solely focused on one single thing because eventually you will run out of options if your goal becomes too narrow-minded. (ie Money).

Especially when there are so many other aspects that can contribute towards making an individual complete.

Your Values

What a person values most in their lives could be anything from family, friends or career.

It is important to find out what makes you happy and stick with it!

Life is all about making the most of your time.

You absolutely need to have money to meet your basic needs (we’re talking food, water, shelter, and clothing). 

Without it, we simply cannot survive. Freedom Once your basic needs are met, money can do so much more. 

Importantly, it can buy you time and the ability to pursue meaningful work. 

Having money means you can spend less time doing things you don’t want to, and more time doing things you do want to do. 

Whether that means spending time with the people you love or doing the things you love, having money allows you the freedom to choose how you spend your time.

You might not be able to afford a fancy car or house, but if you invest in yourself and work hard then success will come soon enough!

  • The things I value control my actions. I valued the relationship I have with friends and family. They are so important to me and I continue to build those. My wife is also another important relationship to me.
  • Every day I hope to make it stronger with greater bonds. Being healthy is so important. I have watched many people allow health to wither away as they strive for money or success.
  • Health to me is vital, so I can accomplish many things in my life. I want to hike, climb, swim, and play outdoors.

Essential Things

The problem is not money, it’s us. 

For deep-seated psychological reasons, when it comes to spending money, we tend to value goods over experiences. 

Money can help us, so long as we know just what we can and cannot expect from it. 

Many researches suggest that seeking the good life at a store is an expensive exercise in futility. 

Money can buy us some happiness, but only if we spend our money properly. We should buy memories. 

How much money it costs is not the issue, but how much the money costs us is important. Money should not cost us our livelihood, relationships, and dignity.

Time is a commodity that cannot be bought. 

As life goes on, we spend our time. 

It is the currency that people want to buyback. 

As we sit in our old age, we have to wonder if we waste our time or spend it doing things we love? 

I think back to the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. 

Ben Stiller plays the part of Walter. He takes an epic adventure to find the last picture for the magazine. As you watch, you know that he is  learning to live his life.

How to find what is important to you?

So, are you ready to find what is important in life? I know that can be difficult but it’s worth the effort.

The first step of this journey starts with asking yourself “What do I want?” and then determining if there will ever exist enough time for these desires as well as other items on your list too.

Once we establish our priorities everything else falls into place much more easily because those values become embedded deep down inside us – they’re hard wired!

It is important to find what you are interested in.

You may be surprised by the things that really grab your attention and make an impact on your life, even if they seem unusual or unimportant at first glance!

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Money can’t buy happiness

Studies have shown that money doesn’t buy you happiness.

If your life goal is a happy one, then it’s important to remember this and not let the pursuit of material wealth compromise what matters most in their lives such as family or friends..

The gap between rich and poor is a global problem that affects every country.

It’s not just financial resources which make people happy, it’s also the sense of belonging in society along with respect, respect, honesty and basic human kindness and decency. 

These things are essential if you want to lead a fulfilling life.

Happiness does not come from having money, but if you are struggling to make ends meet it can be difficult too.

Money is a nice tool at our disposal. True happiness is not something that can be found on the surface.

It’s a deep feeling of contentment, relief and joy hidden inside us where true fulfillment resides.”

The power of giving

Giving is a powerful thing. When you share what little we have been given with deserving ones, it feels like an honor and privilege because they deserve the best!

A happy person shares his possessions while sad ones hoard them away in fear of going without

This seems backwards since giving makes us feel just as good inside no matter who receives our generosity from start to finish.

A little can go a long way

The flow of life is an interesting one. It has been said that what we give away will eventually come back to us in some form or another.

How true this statement truly rings as time goes on!

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Consider Financial Independence

The only way to achieve financial independence is to understand money. 

I challenge people to create a wide gap between the two, asking that they aim to live on half their take-home pay. 

Finally, know how much money you have. 

Track your net worth (sum of assets minus liabilities) and aim to grow it.

 Have goals. 

Financial Independence is a great one, and there are many steps you can celebrate along the way. 

How to Talk About Money? 

When you care about money and the good things it can bring you, your family, and the human race, you’ll want to talk about money. Money talk starts at home. Talk with your partner about money.

Personal Finance

A basic education in personal finance is a must if you care at all about money.

To many people, money can help life them out of all sorts of poverty. 

The thing is, you need to know how to manage it. 78% of pro-NFL football players lose everything and go broke. 

It is not because they didn’t make enough money. It is because they did not know how to manage it. 

Learning to manage money will also help you understand that money isn’t everything. There are plenty of things that are in life to strive to reach.

 For instance, time, relationships, generosity, and your health can be items that have a far greater impact.

Final Thoughts: “Money isn’t everything.”

That’s what they say, but is it true?

It can be argued that money is everything.

But the truth of the matter is- there are plenty of things you can do to make yourself happy without spending a single cent.

Living life without friends or family only for the sake of money is a lonely experience. It brings on resentment, regret, and a lonely feeling.

Spend time with your friends and family, go out for coffee or dinner, and just enjoy each other’s company.

I believe in using my time to have experiences and spend time creating relationships. These relationships are paramount to life.

Important Factor

Once you have a grasp on the ways money comes and goes, and the quantity of the flows, you’ll have an idea of your savings rate. 

I challenge people to create a wide gap between the two, asking that they aim to live on half their take-home pay. 

Finally, know how much money you have.

The best part about these activities is that doing them will save you some cash in your pocket!

If you’re looking for more information on how to budget and plan better, follow us at where we provide tips and tricks on finance, saving, investing and making smart decisions.

This way you don’t have to worry about being broke all the time.

Well Wishes,

Writer: James

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