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Best Budget Airlines For US and European skies

best budget airlines

When it comes to the best budget airlines. There is almost always a pool of cheap flight tickets offered when a new route is opened.

It’s worth looking out for these events because when the sales are on, airline tickets sell out very quickly.

Low-cost airlines in the USA In recent years, traveling by budget airlines has become very popular.

This is due first and foremost to the rich offer of budget airlines, which reach almost every corner of the USA, and sometimes even further.

Every American airport offers flights from at least one low-cost airline.

Many budget airlines also have only one class of service, eliminating the first-, business-, and coach-class model.

Additionally, low-cost carriers often have only one type of aircraft in their fleet, making it less expensive to maintain and to train crew on.

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Searching For Best Budget Airlines?

  • Best search engine for cheap flights within Europe: Expedia, CheapoAir
  • Alternative search engines for flights to Europe: Momondo
  • Alternative search engine for intra-European flights: AirfareWatchdog or Farecompare

Compare Low-fare alerts and deals (but clunky user interface) TravelZoo or Priceline

Do these cheap flights have miserable routing with four stops and six-hour layovers? Nope.

The best place to look is where bargain hunters go for the cheapest fares.

Of course, we’re talking about flight search engines that display results for all airlines in one place.

Just choose the city you want to fly from, our destination, and the dates when you want to travel.

The search engine will scan current offers from hundreds of carriers, including low-cost ones as well.

This is a very comfortable way of doing things, because in one place you can check the offers of all the budget airlines on that route for a given day, and also compare offers for dates close to your target.

This makes it easy and quick to find the cheapest and most convenient flights.

Low Cost Airlines

A low-cost carrier or low-cost airline (also known as a no-frills, discount or budget carrier or airline) is an airline that offers generally low fares in exchange for eliminating many traditional passenger services.

Regional airlines , which may compete with low-cost airlines on some routes, are listed at list of regional airlines.

Among the requirements: a humane schedule and availability on reputable airlines.

Sometimes those airlines are the big name legacy carriers like American, Lufthansa, and Qantas, and sometimes they’re budget carriers—but they’re always airlines we’d recommend to our parents (and we actually like our parents).

It’s natural to be skeptical about some of these international budget airlines if you’ve never flown them before.

JetBlue Airways

While JetBlue ‘s revamped Mint business-class suites have been making headlines for their spacious and luxe amenities, at its core, the New York-based carrier is still a budget airline.

Its cheapest fare class, Blue Basic, routinely offers nonstop cross-country flights for less than $200 round-trip.

While it is the airline’s version of basic economy (meaning it comes with restrictions like no seat selection or free carry-on bag)

The most popular budget airlines in the USA are Spirit Airlines and JetBlue.

In July of 2022 Jetblue has agreed to buy Spirit Airlines. Being the fifth largest airline.

The most popular budget airlines in the USA are Spirit Airlines and JetBlue. Both are based in the USA.

However, it’s not that important because apart from domestic routes they also offer flights to Europe.

In the USA, there are several other budget airlines in operation, including Virgin America.

So don’t be surprised when you look for a connection and see offers from low-cost airlines in the search engine as well.


Ryanair is the largest low-cost airline in Europe and second largest in the world.

Eurowings Airbus A320-200 An Airbus A319 of easyJet, the largest budget airline in the United Kingdom.

Save money on your next flight—and have more to spend at your destination—by traveling on a budget airline.

Now that most pandemic-related travel restrictions have been lifted, Americans are taking to the skies in record numbers.

And while high demand means that some airlines are charging premium prices, there’s a trick to paying less for airfare: You can buy tickets for budget airlines.

Southwest Airlines

The best budget airlines for domestic flights. U.S

Our favorite budget airline are also favorites industry-wide.

And, while these carriers are still considered “low-cost” airlines, the flying experience may be better than the one you’d have with a legacy airline.


It looks as though Iceland-based WOW Air has been leaving customers saying, well, ‘wow’ in the last couple of years, because 2014 saw the burgeoning low-coster clock up a very respectable seventh place on Skytrax’s line-up of the best budget carriers currently criss-crossing the skies of the continent.

That’s great news for any passengers pining for a soak in the bubbling mineral waters of the Blue Lagoon, eager to sink brennivin schnapps shots in the bars of Reykjavik, or break out and explore the wondrous and unpronounceable volcanic peaks.

Booking On Budget Airlines

Another good tip is to search for flights on Tuesday, and to book flights that fly on Wednesday, as these are the cheapest deals.

Perhaps a different airport is a lot cheaper and will save you money!

It’s also worth subscribing to our newsletter to get our best deals and offers for the cheapest flights.

Is it cheaper to buy a plane ticket last minute?

Flights can be cheaper last minute, but this isn’t always the case.

We recommend that you try to book 4-5 months in advance for the best deals. The price of flights can vary due to the season and availability.

Some of the best budget airlines typically offer flights between major European cities for $50–250.

You can also fly within Europe on major airlines affordably — and without all the aggressive restrictions.

If your timing is right, you may even find some remarkable, it-must-be-a-typo deals (for example, Ryanair routinely flies from London to any one of dozens of European cities for less than $30).

Even after adding taxes and a boatload of fees.

Flight Options Best Times

For domestic travel, book at least one to three months in advance; for international travel, the window expands to two to eight months in advance.

“If your travel is during a peak season, like Christmas, add a couple of months on top of that,” Smith says.

By using Google’s flight-search feature can save travelers some coin. “It uses historical fare data to predict whether your fare is low, medium, or high for a specific time period. It works for all domestic routes.

All you have to do when looking for a flight is select where you want to go and on which travel dates.

Other factors affecting airline prices include changes in fuel costs, airport tax and maintenance costs.

How do I book flights with multiple destinations?

Do you want to combine a trip to Barcelona with a visit to Madrid? Good idea!

You can put together your own itinerary by combining several flights in one booking. Choose the option ‘Multiple destinations’ in our search box.

No Frills Airlines

Americans are taking to the skies in record numbers.

And while high demand means that some airlines are charging premium prices, there’s a trick to paying less for airfare: You can buy tickets for budget airlines.

You probably won’t get any of the niceties that legacy airlines like American, Delta, and United offer, and these airlines aren’t exactly known for stellar food , but it may not matter.

After all, you can always bring food on the airplane .

And many people would prefer to soak up the luxury once they arrive at their destination. Many customers do not mind forgoing the in flight entertainment.

Many Airlines Do Not Offer This

Traveler’s travel bookings editor, of Dallas-based Southwest .

“It’s that you don’t have to factor in any other fees when booking. Two bags fly free—a rarity for U.S. domestic travel on pretty much every airline, not just low-cost ones—you get complimentary snacks and drinks, and there’s in-flight entertainment, including live TV, available on your own devices while you’re up in the air.”

Those perks, plus a growing list of desirable destinations like the Hawaiian islands, have earned Southwest a loyal following of fliers.

Most Low Cost Airlines

Southwest and JetBlue “started off as budget airlines, but now they are kind of the leading companies in the field.”

Plus, they offer some perks, so he often makes a distinction between them and “ultra-low-cost carriers” like Spirit and Frontier.

Are budget airlines good? 

If your top priority is saving money, then budget airlines can be a terrific option. “They are unlocking travel for people who might otherwise be unable to travel.”

Remember: To get the lowest fares, book long in advance. The cheapest seats sell out fast (aside from occasional surprise sales).

Read The Fine Print

Another caveat to budget airlines—and this applies to all, both good and bad—is that unlike the larger legacy carriers, they may only run a few flights per day or week, and they aren’t part of any airline alliances and don’t have any interline agreements with other airlines.

For example, if you miss your flight with Air France, which does have these agreements and operates a lot more flights and routes. 

They may be able to put you on a flight later that day, or they might be able to work with a partner like KLM, Delta, or Virgin Atlantic to get you where you need to go.

Cons Of Low Cost Carriers

One Con I have with budget airlines are last-minute delays or outright cancellations with little to no warning, as well as difficulty getting refunds for unused tickets.

“Budget airlines have very trimmed-back flight schedules,” Smith explains.

If a flight gets canceled, “they’re obligated to put you on a new flight, but if that’s not till Monday morning, you’re effectively stranded there until then.”

Avoid Extra Cost If You Can

This is another reason for you to think about the total cost of travel.

Of course, you can buy cheap tickets from the best budget airlines and spend very little money on travel.

But keep one golden rule in mind – if you don’t absolutely need to, it doesn’t pay to take checked bags that you’ll pay extra fees for.

You can buy most of your toiletries after you arrive at your destination.

And as for those basic economy baggage fees?

Destinations Editor Shannon McMahon, a frequent JetBlue passenger, has found a way around them. “I sprang for the JetBlue Plus card, which has an annual fee.

The main attraction is that it comes with free checked bags for me and up to four travel companions on every flight, regardless of our fare class,” she says.

“I’ve saved myself—and my partner—a lot of money in bag fees and have already gotten a free flight out of it, thanks to a statement credit.”

Travel Hack: There are, however, other tricks to paying less for airfare. For example, you might purchase an outgoing flight on one budget airline and a return flight on a different airline.

And here’s some airplane trivia for you: Traveling midweek is often less expensive than on other days.

Since business travelers are usually willing to pay full fare to travel on Mondays and Fridays, and vacationers are eager to fly on weekends, the sweet spot for takeoff seems to be Tuesday.


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